27 September 2016

Moscow ID-Forum


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Информационный портал ID Expert Internet-journal about Auto-ID, mobility and data capture technologies
Cornerstone Partner:
Zebra Technologies Zebra Technologies (www.zebra.com) makes businesses as smart and connected as the world we live in. Zebra tracking and visibility solutions transform the physical to digital, creating the data streams enterprises need to simplify operations, know more about their businesses, and empower their mobile workforces.

RRC (www.rrc.ru) - international distributor of networking and telecomunication equipment, Auto-ID systems, information security and infrastructure solutions.
Sarus TechnologySarus Technology (www.sarustechnology.com) is the RFID House. Sarus Technology selects and supplys trchnologies from leading European RFID and Auto-ID vendors into Russian and CIS markets. Sarus founding partners carry 15+ years of experience in Russian and international IT sector. Having network of contacts and relationships in the industry, Sarus is able to select and supply solutions conponents for complex RFID integration projects.
Registration Partner:
STOLATOL Company (www.atol.ru) develops, manufactures and distributes POS-equipment and software since 2001 and now holds leading position in the Russian market. It cooperates with leading world-famous manofacturers like Posiflex, Honeywell, MobileBase, Casio, Opticon, Argox, Zebra and many others. Company mossion is to help bisoness owners to contril their employees, optimaze accounting and increase the speed od data processing.
Национальная ассоциация GS1 Rus GS1 RUS is the sole official representative of GS1 in the Russian Federation and as such administers the GS1 System at the national level.
Ассоциация AIM РоссияAIM Russia is a national not-for-profit association representing companies in Russia that are working on the domestic market of Auto-ID and mobility technologies and solutions.

Media Partners:

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Интернет-портал ID Expert

Cornerstone Partner

Zebra Technologies


Компания RRC
Sarus Technology

Registration Partner

Компания АТОЛ


Ассоциация AIM Россия
Ассоциация ГС1 РУС / ЮНИСКАН